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International Student Events Guide  
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International Students
Online community of international students studying in the USA.  
Summer schools
Participation in summer schools is a wonderful opportunity to combine acquiring precious academic experience with full-scale rest abroad during vacations.  
Announcements and details of ACCELS, Open Society Institute, British Council.  
Higher education
Your are considering studying abroad? Here you can find information about acknowledged universities offering super education in Central and Eastern Europe.  
Student events
Opportunities to participate in international student and scientific conferences, congresses, educational programs and seminars.  
Stories about international student events from eyewitnesses.  
Information on international education and science organizations.  

Links to useful resources in the field of international student life and education:

Foreign Languages
Financial Aid
Career Education
Student Loans
Certifications of Completion
Home Schooling
Test Preparation

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Study in USA
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Life in USA
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  Online community of international students studying in the USA.  

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